About Dr. Michael L. Olson

Dr. Michael L. Olson, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael L. Olson, Ph.D.

Dr. Olson has maintained a thriving private practice as a clinical psychologist since 1988. He worked as Clinical Director at Northwest Family Life in Seattle, WA from 1997 to 2000 when he returned to private practice.


Dr. Olson born and raised outside Marysville, Washington. He was the fifth of six children born to committed, Christian parents who raised him to love God, work hard, enjoy life, and be real with people. Those early life lessons form the core of his practice today.



Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, Portland, OR

Ph.D., Clinical Counseling Psychology (1986)
M.A., Clinical Counseling Psychology (1984)

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

B.A. Psychology (1982)

Judson Baptist College, Portland, OR

A.S., Liberal Arts (1980)

Professional Associations

Dr. Olson is a member of the American Psychological Association. In the late 1990s, Dr. Olson attained Supervisor status while working in a State Certified Domestic Violence Perpetrator Program.

Community Involvement

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Olson dedicates a significant portion of his time to church, community and professional service. For nine years, he served as the Junior High Leader at Edgewood Baptist Church where he currently teaches adult Sunday school and serves on the elder board. Dr. Olson has conducted seminars, workshops, and retreats, and enjoys public speaking.


Michael married his wife Khyra in 1982. They remain happily married and have two children.

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